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Posted By Administrator, Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Ann McNeil, Founder and Chairman, NABWIC


It all started with an idea!  The idea was for NABWIC’s members to serve as role models for junior and senior high schools girls, encouraging them to explore careers in the construction industry, and planting the seeds of opportunity for entrepreneurship and ownership.  Just like that one idea led to another and then another. We now celebrate 10 years of that idea that has blossomed to a vision and quickly became a reality. Thanks to an incredibly accomplished team – Renata “Toni” Roy and Shirley McCall - we developed a partnership that executed the vision time after time, bringing a return on the investment of time, talents, and treasure.
This issue is about celebrating major accomplishments of NABWIC and its members. On May 14, 2019, we excitedly collaborated with the only Transportation STEM High School in the United States, TransSTEM Academy (Formerly TransTECH) at Cardozo High School located at 1200 Clifton St. N.W. Washington, DC to host our Transportation and STEM Industry Day and celebrated our 10th anniversary. 

Over the years many partners have come on board and continue to collaborate and celebrate with us.  We are excited to have hosted this year’s celebration with the District Department of Transportation (DDOT,) and Introducing Youth to American Infrastructure+ (IYAI+).  Over the years we have continued to collaborate with various schools across the country to provide similar experiences for students.

The Industry Day aimed to give students exposure to various industries and sectors as they explore future career paths.  The day featured over 70 presenters and a series of presentations that centered on aviation, engineering, transportation, construction, technology, infrastructure, and entrepreneurship.  The day concluded with a career fair, with over 25 exhibitors, sharing employment opportunities.  The presenters spoke informally with students about their occupations, educational background, earning capacities and the viability of future career opportunities in the area.

Many thanks to our partners, whom have been very supportive from the start.  We honored them by hosting a special reception, on May 13, 2019, at The City Club of Washington, DC.   We wanted to show our appreciation to all of the past and present sponsors, presenters, volunteers, TransSTEM Alumni, and NABWIC members for helping to keep this dream alive and thriving.  Special thanks to Reshawn Fields, Industry Day Chair, and our title sponsor, Jan Adams of JMA Solutions.  

We are very aware that the ideas and dreams required for the next decade will require an investment in future talent. Together we can continue to collaborate and inspire tomorrow’s industry professionals and to bolster and strengthen the workforce pipeline.  If you are interested in participating with us in growing the STEM talent for the future, please do not hesitate to contact us at


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