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Better Investing
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The NABWIC Investment Club was established using the guideline and principles of BetterInvesting. The overall objective is to invest conservatively in stocks. The Club’s goal is to invest in securities in a manner that will result in an average annual return of fifteen percent (15%) or better. The Club’s primary interests are: (a) preserving principal investment and maintaining liquidity, and (b) maximizing the rate of return, net inflation.

BetterInvesting was born out of the conviction from countless numbers of people seeking unbiased education. Together with a dedicated corps of volunteer educators, investors are taught how to make sense of the huge amount of information that confronts them daily and focus on what really matters. Live and archived webinars, in-person events, easy-to-use online tools for evaluating a company’s investment potential, monthly magazine and generous community of like-minded investors will help members take control of their financial security.

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Making Money and Having Fun

NABWIC Investment club members enjoy extra dividends beyond watching their portfolio grow or taking a draw-down to pay for college or that dream vacation: long-term friendships and the self-confidence that comes from understanding stocks.

Stock Analysis Tools and Resources
Online programs and educational 
opportunities education that teach you how to pick the best investments for your portfolio.

Investment Education and Webinars
Browse our selection of archived webinars listed below and watch on-demand at your convenience. There are a wide range of topics including, and not limited to, fixed income, options, stocks, ETFs, and tax strategies.


To learn more about NABWIC's Investment Club contact the President Harvey Scales at 770-713-6031