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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How does one become a member of NABWIC and is there a membership fee?

There are a variety of membership categories and benefits to fit your needs. Each membership category has a fee attached. To become a member one must complete the on-line application and submit the application along with the appropriate level of payment. Once received, your application will be processed by the membership department and a membership packet will be sent to you.
2. What are the requirements for becoming a member?
To be eligible for membership in NABWIC, interested prospects need to have an interest or employment in construction and/or construction related fields, or be employed in the field. Our membership is open to students, individuals, small and large businesses. 

          3. Do I need to be a licensed contractor in order to belong to NABWIC?

One does not need to be a licensed contractor but it is important to be in a related field or industry. 

          4. What areas of construction are included in the NABWIC organization?

NABWIC membership encompasses all areas of building construction including related trades such as engineering,architecture and consulting.

          5. How do I find out if a NABWIC chapter exists in my area or city?

To locate an area or chapter near you, click the link here or download a brochure for future reference.

          6. Can I choose my own chapter?

Members can select to be a part of any chapter however their selection should be regionally driven.  For example, If a member resides in Florida and is closer to the Orlando area vs Miami, then it would be logical for that member to join the Orlando chapter or area.  There are currently 9 chapters/areas to choose from.

         7. How do I become actively involved in the NABWIC organization?

There are numerous opportunities for volunteerism and service within the NABWIC community.  These include  opportunities for serving on one of NABWIC’s committees, a chance to serve as an officer on a local or national level; in addition to opportunities for mentorship and advocacy.

         8. Are my NABWIC membership fees tax deductible?

You may be able to deduct membership fees or dues you pay to a qualified organization. However, you can deduct only the amount that is more than the value of the benefits you receive.

         9. When does my membership expire?

Membership expires exactly one year from the time of enrollment, i.e., if membership is effective 12-15-18, then membership expires 12-15-19.

        10.  How can I renew my membership?

Membership can be renewed online by visiting the website at our Membership Page

        11. How long does it take for my membership to be processed and active? What happens once my application is processed?

You should receive an immediate confirmation that confirms that your payment and application has been processed.  You will receive official welcome from the membership committee along with the chapter you have elected to be a part of within 24-48. Your orientation for new membership will take place within 90 days of your membership. 

       12. What is the difference between individual and corporate membership?

NABWIC does not have corporate memberships but it does have and takes great pride in the number and level of corporate partnerships developed over the years. These partnerships allow opportunities for collaboration and a mutual exchange of benefits between NABWIC and its partners. 

       13. Do internships for students exist under the NABWIC organization?

 NABWIC creates connections with companies that will expose students to all aspects of construction and related construction industries and provide them with valuable job experiences to complement their academic studies.  Students who become members of NABWIC have opportunities to participate with these companies in paid or non-paid internships.

       14. Do professional or consumer discounts exists for NABWIC members?

 NABWIC currently has national partnerships for member discounts and incentives with companies such as FedEx and Staples.  Additional companies are in the process of being added.  Current incentives are included in the member section of the Incentives Brochure.